Raising ducklings - a Residential Support story

Written by Michele Williams-McNeil, with collaboration from the Holody Home team, David, JR and Russell

We want to tell you a little about Doris and Gladys.

On June 23rd, Doris and Gladys hatched from their eggs that had been in an incubator.

These ducklings came RiverBound Farms in Elora. This is a foster program for the purpose of home education, and companionship and are heritage breed birds.

Hard to believe but we got these little cuties the same day they hatched!

They will live at Holody Home until September, when they can be adopted and or taken back to the farm to join the current flock. These are egg laying ducks only.

They are living in Holody Homes backyard oasis, where they have a coop through the day and come in at night.

Everyone has taken to them and they have been a wonderful addition!!

In fact our newest resident at Holody Home moved in June 28th. His name is Russell, and the day he moved in the ducklings became instantly drawn to him. When placed on Russell’s lap, they instantly nestled into him. They will sit with him and peck at his blanket, while staff stand close by on poop patrol. Russell is a very kind young man who loves their companionship, as well as having a sense of responsibility in watching over them.

JR continues to go check on his little “black bird” as he calls her multiple times through the day. The ducklings even brought tears to David.

Doris and Gladys love swimming in a pot of water and diving down. They are a bonded pair and are always together. Gladys is significantly smaller then Doris.

This has been entertaining  and comforting for everyone at Holody Home!

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