The people we support are the heart and soul of what we do.

Each person we support, comes to us with their own hopes and dreams. The best part of what we do, is discovering what their hopes and dreams are, and then working alongside them to make it possible.

Amanda's Story: Making it Work!

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With Community Living’s help, Amanda has landed her dream job. “I love clothes and fashion. And I love to help people feel better about themselves,” she says.  As an employee at “Smitten Apparel,” Amanda helps customers to find the perfect outfit for any occasion. Working in her chosen field, has benefits far beyond a regular paycheque. “I’ve met so many new people. And I feel more confident,” she says. 

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People 4 People - A Self-Advocacy Group
formed of people supported by CLGW


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Our Goal

To learn skills that enable us to:

  • know our rights and responsibilities
  • live with dignity and respect

Why Join People 4 People?

As a member of this group you can:

  • Share ideas, problems and solutions
  • Learn about your rights and responsibilities
  • Tell the government and Community Living about changes you’d like to see in the community
  • Make new friends

People 4 People groups meet in Guelph and throughout Wellington county.

One People 4 People representative sits on the Quality Monitoring Committee of Community Living Guelph/Wellington.

You can come to a People 4 People meeting to try it out. Click on the group in your area below to email us.


Sign Me Up!

People 4 People is always looking for new members. Groups run in: