What is Passport Funding

Adults with a developmental disability can receive Passport funding through the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, with the focus of engaging more fully and participating as independently as possible in your community.

How can you use your Passport funding?

  • Community Participation and Activities of Daily Living
  • Caregiver Respite
  • Person-Directed Planning
  • Administration

How we can help!

Community Living Guelph Wellington offers a variety of services and supports for those who have Passport Funding.

One to One Supports

1:1 support with community participation, employment, education, volunteer work, recreation and leisure activities.

Employment Supports

A variety of employment training options and experiences to secure employment in the community.

Funding Planning and Payments

Meeting with you to plan activities, purchase tickets, gym memberships, and planning how you choose to spend your Passport Funding.

We can manage your Passport funds and pay invoices

Community Living Guelph Wellington is a Transfer Payment Agency. This means that we can help manage some or all of your Passport Funds. As your TPA, we can provide staff and pay for independent contractors. We can also purchase community supports and services and pay outside invoices. How we manage your funds is your choice.

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