How it Works

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Our staff help people to:

  • Determine their marketable skills
  • Create a resume
  • Find employment opportunities
  • Interview effectively
  • Develop skills through on-site job coaching

Community Living Guelph Wellington partners with 2nd Chance Employment to help skill develop, market, and find gainful employment for the people we support. More than 60 employers across Wellington County employ someone supported by Community Living Guelph Wellington.

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From one of our employers...

What makes a good employee?

Attitude really is everything. Great team members love what they do. They smile, call our members by name, take pride in their work and help their colleagues without even being asked. We're lucky, ever person on our team is exceptional.

Could you share a moment where K really shined in her work?

K shines every day; her spirit is incredible. She brings joys and light to our team and to our studio. She arrives early to work. She always works hard and asks if she's unsure.

Why is it important to you to have an inclusive team and environment?

We firmly believe that every life has value. We all struggle with different things. We've had staff with dyslexia, mental health issues, and developmental delays to name a few. In our studio, it's all about community. We support each other in the workout and as a team. When we embrace differences and lift each other up, without judgement, everybody wins.

Do you have any advice for other business who are considering employing someone with a disability, but who haven't made the jump yet?

We went to a session last year, geared to employers that talked about the business case for employing persons with disabilities and the data is strong. You are likely to be blessed with a highly motivated, punctual, reliable, hard working and loyal employee, and what business isn't looking for that? For us, that's not why we do it. It just feels great and puts life in perspective. Running a business can be hard at times; there's highs and there's lows. We are so fortunate to be able to help amazing people in our community, and giving back like this is one of the most rewarding and joyous feelings there is. Business owners - take our word for it - work with an agency who knows the strengths of these wonderful people and can help find you a valuable team member and don't underestimate their capabilities. Don't think about it any more - DO IT! Helping one another - isn't that what we were all put on this earth to do?