Our EmployMEnt Options team connects employers and job seekers who have developmental disabilities.

How it Works

Hiring a person supported by Community Living Guelph/Wellington? We’ve got your back. We provide job coaches and ongoing consultation.

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On-the-job training for up to 3 months.

Additional coaching if the job or personnel change

Coaching tools and instructions that help employees work independently

Ongoing resources and support when needed.

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"Any business would benefit greatly if they hired an employee through EmployMEnt Options CLGW. Amanda & Veronica are great additions to our Smitten team."

- Holly, Smitten Apparel, Guelph -

Considering hiring someone with a disability? A wise business decision. Here’s why:

By hiring employees with a disability you’ll have:

  • More customers: 92% of Canadians said they’d rather give their business to companies that hire people with disabilities. (2006 study)
  • Low employee turnover: Retention rates are 72% higher among employees with a disability.
  • Better employee morale and teamwork. Diverse work teams bring out kindness, creativity and productivity in your workplace.

Employees with a developmental disability are:

  • Reliable: 86% of employees with disabilities have the same or better attendance rates as non-disabled employees.
  • Capable: 90% of people with a disability do as well, or better, at their job than co-workers without a disability.
  • Safe: 98% of employees with a disability rate average or better in work safety than their colleagues without a disability.

Sources: Ontario Disability Employment Network (ODEN), “Ready, Willing and Able” report by the Government of Canada

Hear from a local employer who has hired someone from Community Living Guelph Wellington

What makes a good team member?

The qualities that I look for when hiring a team member are: a happy person, someone who enjoys life and friendly.  We can teach you the rest.

Could you share a moment where V really shined in her work?

V shined immediately. She has an excellent memory, so the repetitive tasks she tackled with ease. V can work most functions of the computer with no supervision. She knows what jobs she can start without being directed and has great initiative. She is very friendly with staff and we are happy she has been an employee for more than a year.

Do you have any advice for other business who are considering employing someone with a disability, but who haven't made the jump yet?

I would strongly encourage other businesses to hire a person with a disability. I've learned to communicate better, to slow down. Everyone has a gift or is good at something, and wouldn't it be great to help someone figure out what their gift is. Watching someone learn to take the bus on their own or tackling a job and succeeding is honestly an amazing gift.