Campus Friends Graduation 2024

CLGW extends its warmest congratulations to the graduates of the Campus Friends program, acknowledging the significant milestone achieved by Matia and Mackenzie.

Matia and Mackenzie celebrating after their graduation. 
On May 1st, 2024   we celebrated the accomplishments of two CAMPUS FRIENDS graduates,  Matia and  Mackenzie.   CAMPUS FRIENDS (CF) facilitates opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to experience university student life with mentorship support enabling each individual to discover their talents and strengths as adult learners and forge lifelong friendships in the process.

Thank you Matia and Mackenzie for your kindness, intelligence and your openness to face new challenges.

We are so very proud of you and know that whatever adventure awaits you will be met with determination and  positivity.


Ps. Want to know more about CF?  Please contact for more information.



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