Calling All Volunteers for Our Gardening Project

Are you someone who enjoys getting their hands dirty, creating beautiful outdoor spaces and connecting to your community?


We’re reaching out to all green-thumbed enthusiasts who share the passion for gardening and making a positive impact. If so, we welcome you to join our gardening project! Whether you can spare time in the morning, evening, or on Saturdays, we have flexible opportunities to suit your availability.

Still intrigued? Take the next step and connect with Karen, our Engagement Coordinator, to get started at

At CLGW, volunteers are the heartbeat of our caring community. Volunteering in the gardening project extends beyond simple plant care; it’s a pathway to personal development and community building. By joining us, you’ll not only nurture green spaces but also cultivate new skills, explore your passions, and connect with new people.

Join the team today and let’s grow together!


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