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Have you been following our #thankful project?

On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we have been posting daily about moments in 2019 that we’re #thankful for. Moments that remind us that our community is generous. Moments that remind us that our neighbours want accessibility and inclusion. Moments that remind us that disability doesn’t mean ‘not able’. Moments where the big guys, our politicians, corporate businesses who can help, and more, join in with us and make everyone contributing in our community, a priority.

We’re thankful for local businesses who see potential, and make it a reality. Our EmployMEnt Options team work with businesses to help carve these opportunities into a reality.

We’re thankful for families, friends and locals who help get the word out. Who pick up an instrument, host a tournament, and who bring people together to raise funds for people we support.

And we’re thankful for when the big bosses make change happen, that benefits everyone.

Swing by our social media channels, and see what else we’re #thankful for.

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