2020-23 Strategic Plan

We're excited to introduce our 2020-23 Strategic Plan.

This explainer video depicts our hoped-for destination in three years.

When viewing the video, you may make it your full screen by selecting the box shaped button in the bottom right hand corner of the video frame. If the writing appears fuzzy, blurry or unclear to you, please click the gear in the bottom right hand corner. Under quality, select 1080p to improve your video quality.
It tells the story of a woman, looking for a service provider to support her to live the life she wants. She learns of Community Living Guelph Wellington, and the services we provide that can support her with her everyday needs. The video also informs about some of the services she may consider in her future.

You may notice that there are some subtle differences between the services she’s learning about, and how our services look today. Those changes are seemingly subtle, because we’ve already made progress.

Many of our service-related strategic goals for the next three years are focused continuations on the progress we’ve made in the past five years. All of this progress and change culminates to one thing: wrap-around services that are person-centred and that provide just enough support.

Our mission going forward is simple in theory, yet complex and fluid: full citizenship through person-centred approaches.

Each part of our 2020-23 Strategic Plan will be guided by this mission. At its core, our mission turns to the people we support as the decision makers. They will determine what citizenship means to them, and what just enough support looks like. CLGW will act as a supporter and connector within the community, enabling access to resources that help fulfill the person’s expectations of citizenship.

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We invite you to download and review the summary of our 2020-23 Strategic Plan.

Like any good strategic plan, we’re looking ahead to our future and what we hope to achieve. Each strategic goal is just that: a goal. How we make each goal happen will be designed, planned, and implemented over the course of the next three years. Some goals will be set in motion right away, while other goals may not begin for another 2+ years. All of the goals will involve a collaborative effort to meet the needs and expectations of the people we support.

Our 2020-23 Strategic Plan has been carefully thought out, visioned, and built in consultation with David Chalmers and Nexus Human Capital.

You may have questions, concerns, or feedback. You are also invited into this process to share and help shape our conversations.

To submit your feedback, please do so at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/strat-feedback. If you would like a direct response, please be sure to include your contact information.

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