Our 2020 Annual Report is here!

Sometimes, it's good to take a look back. It's a chance to reflect on all that we've been up to, and to check our temperature.

As an organization that serves people, it's important for us to look at the work we do, and hold it against our values and mission. Have we done a good job at facilitating opportunities? Are we helping people to realize their potential and dreams? Are we making progress towards that year's strategic plan?

In our 2019-20 Annual Report, you'll read about our progress with Person-Centred Approaches to Support. You'll learn a little more about why this is foundational to the work we do. You'll also hear from the folks at People4People, and how they're exacting change on a local and provincial level. You'll learn about how we are making strides to transform our residential supports.

You'll also see a bit about Norm Jary, former Mayor of Guelph, and his involvement with Community Living Guelph Wellington.

Take a look. You might just find a couple of familiar faces among its pages.


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