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scrapbooking workshop, virtual, debbie
First Scrapbooking Virtual Workshop

As the World navigates through the ups and downs of the COVID-19 pandemic with new restrictions and recommendations, the Passport Team needed to develop a new way to support people through their passport funding. With Wellington County consistently being in a COVID colour zone that effects in person supports, the team developed some virtual workshops to emulate the things the people we support typically would be doing within their local communities.

Community Living Guelph Wellington’s Passport Team understands the importance of community connection for the people we support. With the pandemic closing workshops and programs that provide opportunities to the people we support to connect with community members, the Passport Team reached out to local businesses and people to run these virtual workshops.

A scrapbooking workshop led by a local scrapbooker, Debbie and a DIY bath bomb and bath salt workshop run by a local entrepreneur, Amberley with Wildflower Skincare, are the first two virtual workshops run so far. The feedback has been great, and we cannot wait to continue learning, growing, and being creative with the supports that we offer!

bath salts, bombs, workshop, virtual, Amberley
First Bath Bomb/Bath Salt Virtual Workshop

Meet the Instructors!

debbie, scrapbooking
Debbie – Scrapbooking Workshops

Debbie – Scrapbooking Workshops

“I have been a maker for 20+ years —my focus is cards, dollhouses and miniatures but I also like to scrapbook. I love to share my passion with others and believe everyone should have an opportunity to express themselves creatively. I am delighted that so many of you have joined the virtual classes and I can’t wait to be able to get together as a group to work on more projects.”


Amberley, WildFlower skincare, bathsalts
Amberley – Bath Bomb/Salts Workshop

Amberley – Bath Bombs/Salts Workshop

“My name is Amberley and I am the creator of WildFlower Skincare. I create all-natural, biodegradable, small-batch, cruelty-free, vegan, sensitive skin-friendly, handmade with pure essential oils, paraben-free, synthetic dye-free, and fragrance oil-free skincare and beauty products. All products are made with the goodness of nature and a little plant magic.

I am also a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Clinical Iridologist. My main approach is to support the whole person from head to toe, inside and out. Everyone is unique with their own individual needs and that is why one of my core values is that of inclusivity. I believe that everyone deserves to feel their best and be in their best health ❤”

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