Digital Hubs coming to Community Living Centre in Guelph

CLGW has some exciting news to share with you.

We will be adding two Digital Hubs to our Community Living Centre in Guelph.

A Digital Hub is a quiet space that provides the technology needed for people to access online support and activities.

Through the pandemic, we have experienced support happening in many ways. Staying at home has led to many online activities. From Kathy’s Zoom calls to online bath bomb workshops, to advocacy groups, and everything in between. While more people are returning to in-person services, online support and activities remain a part of many people’s lives. Even when attending in person, some are taking a pause during their day to join an online activity that remains important to them.

This identified a gap for us.

Currently, many of our locations offer computer labs. In Guelph specifically, the computer lab is an ideal space for many people to share and learn together. That means that the space doesn’t offer the privacy needed to join a virtual call. The Digital Hubs will offer that space.

We have designed the Digital Hubs to be accessible to anyone who accesses the Community Living Centre in Guelph. Webinars, virtual classes, online friendship and advocacy groups, one-to-one planning, virtual doctor’s appointments, online job-readiness activities and more, can all be done within the Digital Hub.

More details about the Digital Hubs will come in the next few months.


During renovation, all services in the Community Living Centre in Guelph will continue as planned.

Renovation will be beginning on Monday, November 7. CRD will be on site, so please help them to feel welcome.

Important: to accommodate the renovation, the Guelph Community Living Centre’s main lobby will be closed.

If you are attending/supporting Day Services in Guelph, please enter from the back/North entrance (from the same side of the building as the Gym entrance).

We expect that the lobby may be closed for some time. When we have a timeline for completion, we will communicate it.

To afford this renovation, we successfully obtained a grant through the Resilient Communities Fund through the Ontario Trillium Foundation. This grant supports non-profit organizations to rebuild from the impacts of COVID-19 and effectively meet the changing needs of their communities.

We are looking forward to how this renovation can do a lot of good for the people we support.

Thank you for minding the mess while the renovation is underway. 😊

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