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Ready to grow a little with CLGW? Lettuce tell you about our latest fundraising opportunity - Plantables!

What Is Plantables?

Plantables is a family-owned seedling and seed farm based in Forest, Ontario. They grow healthy, hardy and happy fruit and vegetable plant starts.

Looking to plant a fresh and healthy garden? You can order plant starts and seeds, and Plantables will ship them DIRECTLY to your door, when you want them!

All you have to do is pick what plants you want to grow, choose when you want them delivered and wait for your box of garden-ready plants to arrive on your doorstep. Shipping weeks are available from April- June.

How does the program work?

All you have to do is help spread the plant love!

Tell everybody you know to go to to get their plant starts. Make sure they enter the code CLGW at the checkout or follow our direct link

 We’re really excited to be launching a fundraiser that involves growing healthy fruits and veggies and spending time as a family! We can’t wait to see how much we all can raise together.

Thank you for all of your support.

Question about the fundraiser? Check out Plantables FAQ here: Plantables-FAQs

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