Accessible Little Library

Join us for the upcoming Grand Opening!

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You're invited to the GRAND OPENING of Guelph's first Accessible Little Library.

On Monday, July 10 at 10am, we will be officially 'opening' Accessible Little Library at 197 Dufferin St. Guelph.

Stop by, visit with friends and neighbours, and help us open the ALL.


What makes THIS Little Library unique?

It is accessible!

It is about creating community, understanding and knowing how we can connect with people. Learning about people in your neighbourhoods and helping each other to grow stronger as a community.

We built this Library to be accessible to everyone, mindful of the value of creating and maintaining connections in our communities, including the importance of giving back!


The ALL is a story with many chapters.

Chapter 1: It began with ideas formed by the WITHology team, which included people supported by CLGW, as well as family members and employees. Learn more about their work in The Advocate from July 2022.

Chapter 2: The WITHology team shared their stories and project ideas with People4People Self-Advocacy Group. P4P happily took this project on, turning the page (sotospeak!) on even more ideas!

With a few members of the WITHology team in tow, P4P began planning. Folks gathered in Harriston and Guelph to decorate the library, ensuring colours were bright and welcoming to all. Along the way, the P4P crew managed to inspire even more people to join in on the ALL bandwagon.

Chapter 3: A location was finally selected, which passed all the inspection rules!

Chapter 4: The Accessible Little Library found a permanent home located at 197 Dufferin St., Guelph. Not only does the owner of this property share the ALL vision, but he also installed an accessible pad so people using walkers or wheelchairs can easily access the bench and library. Home Depot in Guelph contributed two beautiful benches for people to sit, rest, and chat. Value Village donated accessible books!

Chapter 5: The ALL was officially installed on June 9th. Neighbours on the street have already begun to stock the ALL with books, without an ask! Someone even donated a box of doggy bags (for those just in case moments!).

Chapter 6: It's your turn to join in our story! To bind the pages of our journey together and celebrate our success, we are inviting everyone to attend the ALL Grand Opening on July 10, 2023 at 10:00am.  Donations are welcome - and will be used to build and stock more Accessible Little Libraries.

Everyone is welcome to help in any way. Please reach out to us via email You can learn more about accessible books by watching this webinar Webinar: Accessible Books in the Classroom & Library | Learn how to find & use accessible books - YouTube. To quote the webinar ,“All kids should be able to find and read books they love but they may not be able to find and read books because they have something called a print disability.

The ALL Epilogue: We have inspired other self-advocates to turn their own little library into an Accessible Little Library in Belleville. Judy Noonan from the ALL team and P4P was interviewed by fellow member, Nicole, and is working with People Minded Business who brought the WITHology process to CLGW.

Plans are underway to hold a series of ALL inclusive stories of connection and inspiration, at 197 Dufferin ST. Guelph. Stay tuned!

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