Meet Evan. When we met up with Evan to take his photo as part of the We've Got This photo series, he was to the point:

"No pictures if the News doesn't show up."

Evan is no stranger to the News, as his family has been hard at work for years building a supportive home where he and roommates can live.

While we aren't quite the News, we do think the resilience and persistence, the we've got this spirit that we've witnessed throughout this photo series is very newsworthy.

Evan is a pretty handy guy, and quick to lend a hand. If you need something picked up, he'll hook up his bike trailer and hit the road to help out. If something needs fixing or building, he'll use his handyman skills to make it happen.

For the past year, Evan has been doing just that. Although the pandemic has limited how much he can go to other places, he's put his hands to work. Whether it's been building his workshop just off of his home, or taking apart machines around the house, he's making the best with what he has.

When we asked him about what he's been building, his pride beams through.

That's the thing about this pandemic and Evan has it figured out. It's offered an opportunity for people to slow down, fine tune a craft or hobby, and to find pride in their own abilities. And that's a pretty big deal.

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