This time last year, we were all grappling at what COVID-19 was. We were celebrating frontline heroes and their we've got this attitude in the face of uncertainty. We were organizing, expressing gratitude, and making the best of a world that had been turned upside down.

We each became more aware of our global village. Although a virus had disrupted our ways of life, forcing many of us to stay at home, there was a sense of common purpose and community as we all faced the same challenges.

One year later, we find ourselves in different places.

Some people are dealing with grief and loss. Others are finding ways to carry on. Yet managing this pandemic still remains for many around the world.

The We've Got This photo series was started out of a small idea. In Ontario, Canada, we are experiencing our third lockdown since the pandemic began. A collective groan echoed through our communities, with the realization that we still haven’t managed the spread of this virus.

One year ago, to help us stay positive, we focused our energies on gratitude. We thanked frontline heroes. We celebrated the selflessness of doctors, nurses, health care professionals, personal support workers, and direct support professionals.

We saw signs erected on lawns. We heard clapping and bell ringing outside of hospitals at shift change. People gave to others, in an effort to help keep them going.

We said thank you a lot.

A year later, those thank yous have faded.

Our communities, our frontline heroes – all of us are tired. But we keep pressing on, hoping for better days ahead.

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This photo series began as partnership between Community Living Guelph Wellington and Elle Chic Photography to showcase people’s “We’ve Got This” spirit. These photos tell a story. They are a testament of how people have persisted, how they’ve managed… how one year later, we’re still saying we’ve got this.

Additionally, May is Community Living Month. To help us jump start this photo series, we reached out to our community, our direct support professionals and the people they support, asking if they wanted to showcase how they have been managing the pandemic – their “We’ve Got This” spirit. The response has been incredible.

All throughout May, Community Living Month, you will see photos on our social media channels from those who wanted to join in.

We invite you to join in too.

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