Moments become memories when they are spent with others.

Meet Ella.

And meet Eileen. And their Chloe. When we met up with this happy clan, that's exactly it. It was about happiness and memories.

Now don't take this the wrong way - Ella, Eileen and their adorable pup have been through one tough year. Like the rest of us, they have shouldered the burden of a global pandemic and life not being anything close to normal, along with some other difficulties.

But even when things seemed insurmountable, people made the difference.

Early last year, Ella was really missing her friends. Before the pandemic, she had a tight-knit group of friends she loved spending her time with. They are her people and she still misses them dearly.

Seeing that Ella was missing people, mom - Eileen, had a few ideas. It took some time, but soon, Ella was joining her and a friend on their morning walks. Then, Ella was spending some time with a cousin. Then, Ella was both on Zoom calls, and spending one to one time with a few people who could really get her back into the things she liked doing.

Now if you know Ella and her art, you'll know she used a lot of black in her paintings. She loved splashing black on a blank page.

But in the last few months, there's been a change. A colourful change, largely thanks to a few really creative people in life encouraging her to mix it up, use new brush strokes, and explore what makes her happy on the canvas.

Take a look for yourself.


P.S. a little bird told us that Chloe needed to make an appearance too.

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