Meet Mike.

When we met up with Mike for his We've Got This photo, we found ourselves in the midst of a physically distanced softball game.

Mike was up to bat. Janis with the pitch. A big swing and a ball belted over third base.

Being able to hear the gravel crunch underfoot, and hear the thwack of the ball against the bat - outside and sports - those are Mike's happy places.

When we reached out about capturing people's We've Got This photo, we started with a baseline - what's been keeping you going this past year?

When we asked Mike how he's been managing, he just shrugged his shoulders.

It's been a combination of work (Burger King), and finding joy in being outside, sports, and seeing friends.

It seemed only fitting that we joined Mike, along with a few pals, on the diamond.

We hope you can see his joy too.

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