Meet Ryan.

When we were setting up Ryan's We've Got This photoshoot, we asked if there was somewhere meaningful that he wanted to have his photo taken.

Tim Hortons. Ryan loves his double double.

That coffee is a fixture in his life. Throughout the pandemic, Ryan has been doing his best to keep busy. He's been keeping his hands busy by doing parks and rec work with the City of Guelph. He has also been doing maintenance, stocking, and janitorial work with the Circle K. That cup of coffee comes from his hard earned wages, and offers him a break between all of the hustle and bustle of his jobs.

When he's not doing the work grind, he's been doing a lot of biking. While downtown might be his usual go to for getting a ride in, he recently did a long-haul bike ride to Fergus.

Being outside, a little sunshine, has really helped with his We've Got This spirit.

As part of our story, we asked Ryan if there was anything he really wanted to be in the story. After giving it some thought, he said he wanted to say hi Brandi. He's been missing you!

He also then spotted something that made him think of his mom. So, to you Bernie, Happy Mother's Day. He's very proud to have you as his mom.

Cheers Ryan! Enjoy your cup of coffee.

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