Meet Alessia.

As we prepared for each We've Got This photoshoot, we encouraged people to bring along a prop or something that showcased how they have been keeping busy and resilient through this pandemic.

Well, Alessia's prop wasn't so much an object as it was a part of herself.

So, while you're meeting Alessia, also meet baby bump!

In Alessia's own words - why the bump?

"It's been easy to give in to the sadness, and a sense of purposelessness in these months, since the beginning of the pandemic.

Finding out that I was pregnant helped me remember how important it is to take of myself, both physically and emotionally!

Besides making my fiancé and I very happy, I realized how people I know - colleagues, friends and family - found happiness in the news of our pregnancy and how much sharing about our baby makes people cheerful."

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