Meet Odessa.

When we met up with Odessa for her We've Got This phootshoot, we met up with her during her morning routine.

Alongside mom, Odessa will walk over to the local Tim's, order her usual, and walk on back with their family pup. Then, simply, they sit in their garden and enjoy their spoils.

Their house is a peaceful sanctuary in the neighbourhood. Odessa and her mom have put their hands in the dirt, puttered around their yard and sewing a peaceful space for everyone walking by. Even the birds flock to it. You'll find blues, and purples - lots of greenery with calming tones and smells.

But you see, Odessa has a reserved plot just for herself. She's a big fan of vibrant and bright colours. So if you spot a red or orange flower, it's because Odessa has been there.

Odessa, too, loves flamingos. Bright, vibrant, happy go-lucky flamingos. Kind of describes Odessa to a T.

If you're walking by, be sure to wave and say hi.

When all this COVID business is over, Odessa and her mom shared with us just what they plan to do. Getaway! Whether it's on a boat cruise, or a destination with a hotel stay, getting away for a while and seeing something new really excites both of them.

Cheers to getaways, hopefully coming soon!


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