Mike and Bob

Meet Mike and Bob.

A few stories ago, you met a pal of theirs.

With this sunnier weather, we couldn't help thinking about their We've Got This photoshoot. After all, it's perfect baseball weather.

The trio of sports fans really came to life on that field. Being out in the sunshine. Having a physically distanced hangout that's not in front of a screen. Even just stretching a little in the warm spring air.

Bob is a classic Guelph Storm fan. Like many Guelphites, he's been missing cheering on his team and seeing young talent develop into potential future NHLers. He's also just missing the comradery that comes with cheering on your favourite sports team, and being able to see the city safely again.

Mike, too, has been missing people and that comradery. He's finds himself at his best when he can be doing things, being with people, and just enjoying life.

It might seem weird to say, this pandemic has actually resulted in something good. For both Bob and Mike, it's created focus.

Focus on joy.

One day soon, there will be junior hockey and live baseball again. Friends will be able to gather. It'll be game on!

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