Meet Fiona.

Well, perhaps you've also already met Fiona, and just didn't know it.

Meeting up for her We've Got This photoshoot, Fiona made sure to do two things:

  1. Showcase just how artistic and busy she's been keeping.
  2. That modelling never waits.

Pre-pandemic, Fiona waltzed the runway at CLGW's and Expressions by DSK's Fashion Gala. There have even been times when she's the lead model who opens the show for everyone in attendance. And does she ever do an amazing job! All of the models do.

But a star does not wait for a pandemic to be over, to showcase her skills.

Recently, Fiona was hired by magnusmode for a Kraft Heinz Canada commercial.

You see, magnusmode works together with other businesses to create practical tools that improve everyday experiences and enable people with disabilities to participate fully. Those tools include things like MagnusCards - a card deck that offers step-by-step guides (such as depositing a check) so the person can follow along, and re-enact the card in real-time.

Kraft Heinz Canada teamed up with magnusmode to build a deck of MagnusCards related to their products - all of which are available on Magnus Card app, available through Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Now back to Fiona!

When she's not being the face of Kraft Heinz Canada, Fiona is missing Special Olympics and her swim team (and a special someone ;)). But! She's been keeping busy at home, making crafts and artwork and surfing the web on her Passport-funded tablet.

Her support team has really empowered her to take up her creative side. From pottery, to painted rocks, to stencil work and paint, her home is filled with artwork that she and her roommates create.

Their garden offers such hopeful messages to remind you, you've got this too.


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