Meet Zach.

When we met up with Zach for his We've Got This photoshoot, it was a family affair! And why wouldn't it be?

Throughout the pandemic, Zach has been staying at home and spending nearly all of his time with his family. Early on into the pandemic, his dad started growing out his COVID beard. So, Zach did the same too.

He's been spending lots of his time on Zoom calls, flipping through magazines, and just doing his best to pass the time. What's really helped?


Zach's mom shared with us that Kathy's Zoom calls have been a god-send. Kathy's creativity, thoughtfulness, giving space and time for each person who joins in to reconnect and say hello to their friends, has been the biggest lifeline outside of their home for Zach. Spending hours at amusement parks, doing tours of museums, riding roller coasters and the much-loved weekend movie nights have all offer a sense of connection for Zach.

For Zach's mom, what she really wanted Zach's post to be - was a thank you. Thank you to Kathy. And thank you to people like Kathy, who have been getting creative, making something out of a tough situation, and giving of themselves to the people who look to them for support.

We haven't said it often enough, nor recent enough, but from Zach, Heather and every person who is being supported right now by a Direct Support Professional - no, a frontline warrior - THANK YOU.

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