Meet Colin.

When we met up with Colin for his We've Got This photoshoot, it was happy hour.

"You have to sip it slowly."

After serving us with some of the best advice we've heard, how could he possibly top that?

"COVID sucks."

Ah, he topped it. While most of us are feeling some kind of way, Colin shared that COVID has really been a party pooper. A year later, he's been hanging around home, spending the better part of his time on Zoom calls and connecting with people virtually.

A virtual meetup might have it's pros, like being able to have people join from wherever they are or offering really cool tours of things you might otherwise have to pay for... a virtual meetup just isn't the real thing.

While doing the We've Got This photoshoot, we often ask if there's anything we need to be sure to include with the photos. There were two things for Colin.

Firstly, hi Jaime!

Secondly, if there's anything about Colin you want to know, come on by, have a seat on his front porch, and let's chat.

Sage words, and perhaps ones we should take to heart for when it's safe to spend time together again.

Cheers, Colin!


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