Meet Connie.

A natural connector, Connie likes to keep busy and continuously learn.

Before the pandemic, she was hands-on with a few different opportunities, and you might have read a story about her and her connections to the Independent Hearts curriculum at Community of Hearts.

Like most of us, being hands-on and engaged has required a big shift to online. And it hasn't always been easy, but Connie has made it work.

When we asked Connie what's been keeping her busy and helping her keep the We've Got This spirit, she was quick to tell us about all her Zoom calls. But then, she took pause and hurried off into the house and came back out with two pieces of paper.

That evening, for dinner, she was going to be making mug pizza. Yes, pizza, but in a mug. YUM. Those two pieces of paper were her step by step picto-recipe, courtesy of Community of Hearts, which would help her make a meal for her family. She's been doing a bit of cooking, and little things around the house to supplement all the screen time.

Oh, and we would be amiss to mention the newest members to Connie's family - Tipton! Tipton is still quite a young puppy, and loves spending time with Connie. Whether it's their walks, posing for these photos, or making surprise appearances in her Zoom calls, Tipton is right in everything Connie gets up to.

Of course, Connie has been missing her friends. Meeting a puppy over Zoom isn't quite the same as the real deal. So, when it's safe to do so, Connie can't wait to meet up with her friends and have them meet Tipton too.

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