Meet Mike.

Or should we say, the next lead singer and guitarist for a Guelph/Wellington band!?

When we caught up with Mike for his We've Got This photoshoot, he met us with guitar in hand. Before we could even break into his photoshoot, he asked:

"Do you want to hear Kokomo?"

Of course!

So as Mike strummed the sunny afternoon away, we learned a lot about what's been keeping him busy.

Mike recently moved, and is getting to know his new neighbours. He's a pretty social and cheerful guy and loves to share his love of music with anyone who will listen.

When he's not mastering his Beach Boys covers, he's either out and about or helping with chores around the house. Often, you'll find him heading into the shop, or finding fun destinations across Wellington County and Waterloo Region. Safely, of course.

When all this pandemic stuff is over with, what he really wants is a band. Something like the Beach Boys, that's easy listening, fun, and a musical opportunity everyone feels good about.

Who's in?

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