Meet Jeremy.

Jeremy has been with CLGW for nearly three years now, but he's not always a front-and-centre kind of guy. He's often behind the scenes, doing some heavy lifting and doing his best to support our entire team.

When he's not on the job, Jeremy spends a lot of his time solving puzzles and playing board games. Being able to sink his time and mind into something that might not have a plan, and know that he could come up with a solution or a strategy, has been helping him make his way through this pandemic.

During our We've Got This photoshoot, Jeremy shared that Human Resources (his specialty) is a lot like puzzle solving. Often, his team is presented with a challenge. Whether it's emerging changes, policy and pressures because of COVID-19, recruiting for new employees throughout our organization, or exploring ways to improve our workplace culture, each challenge presents as a puzzle, without a set way to solve, but an eventual solution nonetheless.

What's interesting about puzzles - they don't always solve the way you expect them to, and each of us may have a different way of finding that eventual solution. Too, some puzzles may solve once, but may also never solve that way again.

For Jeremy, this pandemic and the challenges it has presented, has felt like one giant puzzle that takes the minds many to solve.

The entire HR team has experienced the hard work and dedication of our team. As they work diligently to recruit and support our teams to have the resources they need to adapt to the pandemic, they also bear witness to something pretty special.

They get to see people, day in and day out, give their best to their work. Even through the endless changes, through the exhaustion, and through the unknown - they see people persisting, innovating and making the best of the difficult. They see others puzzle-solving too.

Thank you frontline heroes, Direct Support Professionals, all of our team from administrative through to leadership, and too families who are acting as both support and caregivers - thank you for puzzle-solving and persisting the best you can.

Your endless pursuit of We've Got This is humbling and admirable.


(p.s. and a bit of a shameless plug - if you're looking to work with some pretty awesome people, we're hiring!)

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