Meet Tracy.

When we met up with Tracy for her We've Got This photoshoot, we were introduced to a home filled with love, care, and creativity.

While the pandemic has really forced many of us to stay home, and with it comes a sense of isolation and disconnect, our rural friends and family experience that same isolation and disconnect on a great scale. Unlike the city and towns, where you can find a handful of neighbours up and down your street or within walking distance, those living on country side roads have to make the best with less.

So, while we learned that the pandemic has been quite isolating for Tracy, it's also offered an opportunity to have greater and deeper focus on the people and places immediately around her.

The land around her home is filled with nature, and wonder. Last summer, Tracy (with a little help from Gillian and Don), began painting fairy homes.

You might be more familiar with fairy doors, tucked into crook of a tree where a hollow might be. Well, these fairy homes are an anywhere, anyhow home for the magic that could be living around us.

Take a peek at the fairy homes, and let us know which is your favourite!

When she's not putting paint to canvas, Tracy has been fortunate to have some support to re-connect with other rural friends (hi Jeff!), and when it was safe to do so, explore local museums, trails, and grab the odd coffee or too!

Hoping for brighter days ahead, Tracy has been a long-time attendee of Camp Belwood and would love to get the chance to camp out again this summer! She also can't wait to get back to seeing all of her friends and discovering what everyone else has been up to.

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