Meet David.

When we met up with David for his We've Got This photoshoot, we asked what's been keeping him busy.

It's a bit of a silly question - David recently moved so getting to know his new neighbourhood, his new roommates, and his new support team has all been keeping him busy!

What we learned instead.. what does David enjoy to pass his time?

While moving is tough on anyone, being able to bring along the things you enjoy helps make that transition a bit easier.

For David, when he needs some me-time, he'll hang out at his work bench, and put his hands to work either hammering or drilling. He's also been staying in touch with some people he knew from before he moved, through online music therapy.

He's been staying connected with friends and family, visiting when it's safe to do so. He's also been out walking quite a bit, exploring what his town has to offer.

When things are a little more 'normal', David is really looking forward to seeing his friends again, and getting back to doing things that aren't so virtual.

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