Aimee, Nadine and Megan

Earlier this month, you met Laurie. She is just one of four really awesome roommates who have been banding together to make the best of staying home, and saying we've got this throughout the pandemic.

Meet Megan.

She is an avid animal person, and we love this about her. When we caught up with Megan for her We've Got This photoshoot, she told us so much about the animals in her life, and quizzed us on the animals we had in ours. While cat cafes and volunteering for the local SPCA may be a bit limited right now, she enjoys seeing pups out on her walks and keeping up to date on how her parent's pup is doing.

Throughout the pandemic, while her roommates have enjoyed many game nights, Megan does enjoy playing games on her tablet in her spare time. She's a thinker, and puts a lot of effort into learning about and mastering what matters most to her.

Meet Nadine.

When we met up with Nadine for her We've Got This photoshoot, we learned that she's the gardener of the house. She's been at work planting seedlings and keeping them warm, watered, and sunned for when they're ready to go outside. Her and her roommates have invested in a raised planter box, in the hopes they can keep the squirrels and rabbits out of their plants!

Feeling the earth, the soil in her hands is calming, and watching plants grow from a seed is really rewarding. She can see her hard work come to fruition, and benefit her whole household. Watch out for Nadine's veggies, coming to a meal at their home real soon.

Meet Aimee.

She brings the sunshine! Aimee has been doing a lot of walking (Laurie's kept her moving), and helps out around the house with errands and chores. While she has also really enjoyed their games nights, she also likes getting creative with crafts. You'll see her artistic side come out, full of colour and inspiring of happiness.

What has also been important to Aimee is advocacy. When the Black Lives Matter movement really took off last year (the anniversary of George Floyd's passing was this week), she wanted to lend her voice. As an ally, Aimee can draw attention to the importance of supporting people who experience marginalization and prejudice. Thank you Aimee, for reminding us that the fight for inclusion and equity never ends.

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