Meet Terri-Lynne.

As we wind down our We've Got This photo series, you might have seem some recurring themes of what has been keeping people busy.

Terri-Lynne, like many others, has taken to hobbies that are calming, repetitive, and that will come to fruition because of her hard work. Her knitting and rug hooking skills are impressive. She's been working away at a fuzzy, warm and vibrant rug for someone dear to her. And while she's started working on a pair of slipper socks, they too will be gift to someone she's been missing throughout this pandemic.

Like most green-thumb gardeners, TL would have been out last night, covering up her plants from the frost. It's been an unpredictable spring, but she's really enjoyed having her hands in the earth, sewing seeds in her raised planters box. Her petunias were coming along really well.

The pandemic has been tough on TL, like many of her friends. She's normally out and about, visiting friends in Harriston and Mount Forest. Her support team around her has done an amazing job, staying creative, encouraging opportunities, and pressing forward. We've seen that creativity and resilience all throughout our organization and it's been a difference maker.

Here's hoping we'll be on our way to seeing friends, and doing the things we've been missing, real soon.


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