Our 2022 Annual Report is here!

Typically, Annual Reports are an opportunity to showcase an organization's success.

Our 2022 Annual Report tells a story of resilience, finding our way again, and looking forward to what comes next.

As an organization that serves people, it's important for us to look at the work we do, and hold it against our values and mission. Are we supporting people to have opportunities that help them realize their goals? Are we moving in the direction of seeing people live their best life?

In our Annual Report, you'll get a sense of just how impacted by the pandemic we were in 2021-22. You'll learn a little about the Family Engagement Committee and its role in a better future. You'll also read about WITHology, and the really cool project that was co-designed by this group of individuals. You'll also read a few snippets of how people are jumping back into things they've been missing since the pandemic began..

This Annual Report aims to capture a snapshot of our 2021-2022 fiscal year, but some stories might spill over just a little.

Take a look. You might just find a couple of familiar faces among its pages.


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