Piece of the Pie

We're excited to share about the Piece of the Pie art project.

Earlier this year, we reached out to the people we support and their families, our staff team, and friends of CLGW.

We invited them to contribute to an art project.

Each person received a piece of paper, with the instructions to colour. What they put on paper was entirely up to them.

When we first embarked on this project, we had a lot of conversations about intention. Our goal with the Piece of the Pie was to see many people contribute to something that showcased community.

In those early conversation, we dreamed that 50 people would participate. And then the Pieces of the Pie started rolling in. 40. 45. 55. 70. 85... Your excitement and passion to be a part of something bigger moved us. With more than 100 people contributing, we are able to make installations that will be seen in 6 different CLGW locations.

The first installation is being installed at 8 Royal Rd., on the second floor of the Administration Building. Additional installations will be found in each of our Community Living Centres - Guelph, Erin, Fergus, Mount Forest and Harriston.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for participating in the Piece of the Pie art project.

Art Credit

Names are as they appeared on the backs of the art pieces.

Johann Koorn Jodi Mike Patience Tracy Margetts
Vince P Michael Patteson Cindy Kinnon Alessia
Wendy Newman Keith Newman Kim Dyer Courtney Lantz
Greg Blagdon Rebecca DeVries Alicia Brown Drew Kennedy Williams
Elfi McArthur Jack Callaghan Lewis Cramasco Kale + Jason Allewell
Heidi Duncan Kathy Alaee Betty Grinwis Devin Schmidt
Ian Cook Colin McArthur J Kremer L Parks
Mike Krouse  Bob Ecclestone T Parker Talia
Meghan M Paul Randy Nancy Underwood
Lorie Macdonald Ryan Dave Demelo Jeremy Drohan
Mike Taylor Reily-Smith Ashley Wingrove Marianne Wingrove
Avery Reily-Smith Jen Reily-Smith Robert F Connie
Sherry May Kayleigh Chad Andrew Hamel
Linda Hamel Judy Dez and Tasha Tasha Urry
Megan F Evan Pringle Jessica Culp Lainey Fearnley
Nicole Ross Kerri Sue B Brian
Ryan M Rachel Ranju Leanne Gazzola
Evan Odessa Glenn Curtis Megan Gamblin
Deener Mc'Deener Aimee Oliver Carol Alec
Andrew Terry Kevin Hiehn Ella Moffit
Maddie Hubble Michael M Evan Craig
Sherin Rana Nancy Turner Sheila Taylor Shawn Eby
Lisa Hake Amol Francine Lodder Michael Beitz
LeslieAnn Wallace Suzanne Thomas John Gray Mary Gray
Judy Noonan Liz Martens Nora O'Regan Karen Calzonetti
Annie Knight Special thanks to Wyndham Art Supplies for all your support, thoughtfulness, and wisdom.

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