Meet Jackie.

Like many of us, Jackie has been missing a lot of people. She's really had to hunker down, seeing less people while doing her best to stay safe and healthy.

Early on, Jackie's roommate, Margo, invested in something pretty cool. Together, they got to work making something that would help bridge not seeing people.

Hugs cards.

In a time when can't physically hug each other, they refashioned the sentiment into a card. Personalized, thoughtful, and something to remind you that someone else is thinking of you.

Hugs cards have been on the loose across North America. They've made their way as far as Florida.

On top of just sending out lovely personal messages, Jackie has made a small enterprise out of it. She's sold cards to friends, family, people wanting to send a thoughtful note to a friend, even to the team at Christian Horizons.

Take a peek. If you'd like a few Hugs cards of your own from Jackie, please reach out to Margo at margojt1@icloud.com.

Oh, and be sure to check the full gallery of photos for a sneak peek at who's story is coming next!

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