Mary Ellen

Meet Mary Ellen.

When we met up with Mary Ellen for her We've Got This photoshoot, we got chatting about all sorts of things.

We talked about CLGW and Expressions by DSK's Fashion Gala, and missing hitting the runway. Mary Ellen has been a staple in the show, really bringing the fun in the fashion sets she models.

We chatted about missing friends. On this day, Mary Ellen was particularly excited to see Jackie and Margo, who were joining us at Riverside Park for their photoshoot too. In fact, she encouraged us to wait to get started, so she could greet the two of them when they arrived.

Like many, Mary Ellen looked for hobbies and opportunities to keep her mind and hands moving. Being home because of the pandemic gets tough, and having something you're proud of really helps you to keep going.

So together, her knitting needles click. They weave yarn into colourful dish cloths, socks, and even the rare baby blanket. On the go right now, she's making a baby blanket for someone very important to her. While most of her knitting is passed on to people she's been thinking of or who are important to her, she also has made a small side hustle out of it.

If you're looking for knitted-with-love dish cloths, Mary Ellen would love to hear from you! Drop her a line through her Direct Support Professional - Jen at jennifermosterd@clgw.ca

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