Our 2021 Annual Report is here!

In a year unlike any other, our 2021 Annual Report is a time capsule of how resilient and creative people can be when faced with a global pandemic.

As an organization that serves people, it's important for us to look at the work we do, and hold it against our values and mission. Have we done a good job at facilitating opportunities? Are we helping people to realize their potential and dreams?

In our Annual Report, you'll read about how we held to our mission while managing competing priorities in the face of a pandemic. You'll learn a little bit about how people have been finding their stride when many of the things we are used to are on hold. You'll also hear about some of fundraising and volunteerism opportunities, and about a grant we received from the Guelph Community Foundation. And you'll see a few stories that we featured in our We've Got This series, in partnership with Elle Chic Photography.

This Annual Report aims to capture a snapshot of our 2020-2021 fiscal year, but some stories might spill over just a little.

Take a look. You might just find a couple of familiar faces among its pages.


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