Leslie Ann

Over the next couple of days, you'll meet three roommates and what they've been getting up to.

Meet Leslie Ann.

When we met up with Leslie Ann for her We've Got This photos, she was excited to show us what she had been up to.

In the last year, her and her housemates have found a bunch of ways to keep themselves busy. Each has different interests and things that really fill their bucket.

For Leslie Ann, she really enjoys showcasing her creative side. While she has joined many a Zoom craft workshops, you can see her hard work on display in ways that benefit her whole household.

Leslie Ann took up the charge to learn how to stain the deck in their backyard. Once she mastered giving the wood a new finish, she then took on her next wood-painting project: Muskoka chairs.

Her creativity helped bring back some life to their backyard, where Leslie Ann and her housemates spend lots of their time. Whether it's playing outdoor games or having makeshift backyard movie nights (much like a drive-in), their backyard has become an oasis for them.

One really cool thing that happened for Leslie Ann and her roommates: tablets! Passport funding criteria changed this past year, really opening doors for many of the people who receive these funds. For Leslie Ann, she was able to purchase herself a tablet.

With the support her team, her and her housemates take pictures of things they've been getting up to. Take a peek to the right, and then check out Leslie Ann's We've Got This photos below!

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