The next in the roommates series. 

Meet Glenn.

We thought it was fitting to share Glenn's We've Got This story today, as he's a pretty big Toronto sports fan. Both his favourites - the Blue Jays and the Leafs managed a win yesterday!

Glenn has been pretty busy over the course of the pandemic. While it's not his normal, he's made the best of staying at home.

He's the resident weatherman for his house, keeping tabs on what's happening outside in a daily journal. He also gets up close and personal with the weather, as he dutifully keeps the mail flowing to and from the house. Living in a neighbourhood with a super mailbox, you'll often see Glenn go for a stroll over to the mailbox.

Pre-pandemic, Glenn would often visit friends and held down a steady volunteer placement. While COVID has put a pause on some of that, he takes to making cards and sending them out to keep in touch. He and his housemates will get crafty, whether it's a holiday craft, a Zoom workshop, or just keeping each other busy. Those crafts, for Glenn, often turn into the cards he sends out, in the hopes of receiving a letter or a card back!

Like Leslie Ann, Glenn purchased a tablet. While he's used it to learn a bit about social media and the internet, Glenn has also used it to capture some of his moments throughout the pandemic.

One of his highlights has been the swans. He and his roommates have continued to volunteer with the Elora Swan program throughout the pandemic, so they are often stopping by, and taking care of the swans.

Whenever they can, Glenn and his roommates will whip up a picnic in the park, and spend the afternoon playing games. Or when they want a break from the cooking, they'll each take turns picking out take out, and treat themselves every so often.

Once its safe to do so, Glenn is really looking forward to getting back his volunteer placement at a local senior's home. He's been staying connected over video calls, and can't wait to see people in person again soon! That, and maybe hit the Wii bowling alley with a few of his friends.


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